House of Representatives has given all its Ad-hoc Committees October 3 deadline to conclude their assignments and report back to the House for further legislative actions. 

The speaker, Tajudeen Abbas, who announced the deadline, recently, said any Ad-hoc committee that could not complete its assignment on that date should handover to the the substantive  House committee. 

Recall that the parliament had prior to its annual vacation,  in July, constituted about 30 Ad-hoc Committee, to investigate various issues, in different sectors of the economy.  

Abbas, while addressing the House, on their resumption from vacation, explained that “we 

 set up several ad- hoc Committees to address matters of national importance. This was done before the constitution of our standing committees. The Ad-hoc Committees worked all through the recess in their different areas of mandate and I can report that they have made tremendous progress in the various tasks assigned to them.”

He added that “I am aware that most of the Ad-hoc Committees are yet to conclude their Reports. In the light of this development, all Ad-hoc Committees are required to conclude their assignments and submit their reports on or before 3rd of October, 2023.

“Accordingly, all Ad-hoc Committees shall cease to exist on October 3, 2023. However, in an event that any Ad-hoc Committee(s) is unable to conclude its assignment on this date, such tasks shall be yielded to the relevant Standing Committees.”


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